I am the ghost in your words. All you, no me.

When I ghostwrite for someone I leave no trace or hint of my signature on the prose. I tailor all of my  writing to match your own personal voice perfectly. No one will be able to detect the fact that you hired a ghostwriter. You’ll get all the props, all the results, all the benefits. I guarantee it will be like I never wrote a word.

Imagine well written, high quality published work. On your website, on your blog, or on the page.

Feel secure in the reassurance of complete anonymity and confidentiality.

You will experience freedom from the heavy lifting of research, the intensive labor of conceptualizing, the process of writing, and the frustration of polishing that goes into writing a successful piece.

The demand for ghostwriters is at an all time high. More people hire ghostwriters today than ever before. Ghostwriters write everything from novels to blogs to social media posts.

This is some of what I do behind the scenes:

  • Interview subjects
  • Research, research, research
  • Extract key story elements
  • Expert crafting of stories, articles and content that will hook, intrigue and sweep away your reader
  • Remain well within the word and character limits
  • Continuously keep in focus the scope of the project
  • Understand the core of your story, idea or concept

Email me so that we can set up a free phone consult and discuss your project!



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It’s no secret that Kyra Dawson has a passion for words. A published author, ghostwriter, copywriter and blogger she is known as the Brighter Scribe, SEO savvy and WordPress web designer extraordinaire. Check out her movie reviews at Cinelinx and at her own blog The Scribe’s Desk.

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